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Musical Memories

Musical Memories, Erskine Glasgow

“I regard Music Therapy as a tool of great power in many neurological disorders — Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s — because of its unique capacity to organise or reorganise cerebral function when it has been damaged.”
Dr Oliver Sacks

“The partnership project with the music therapists from Nordoff Robbins Scotland has been a great success. It is lovely to see our members with dementia smiling, laughing and engaging with others during music making sessions. It has really brought some individuals out of their shells. Thank you for bringing such joy to the group.”
Comment from the Activities Co-ordinator at the Open Door, Edinburgh

Our therapists provide Music Therapy to older people with varying stages of dementia. We have individual clients who come to the base while others are part of a group eg at Campsie Care Home, Kirkintilloch and Erskine Glasgow (pictured above).

Isa at Erskine Glasgow

Isa at Erskine Glasgow



Gartnavel Hospital Project

Laura Burns has worked at Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow with several older patients with varying stages of dementia.

“Ever since Laura began her music therapy with our patients I’ve noticed that they have been very receptive to this type of therapy and were interacting and responding well to Laura’s guidance. The patients appear to enjoy listening to, and playing the instruments and recognise and respond to Laura when they see her enter the ward. A very necessary addition to ward activities for our patients who do not respond to other types of stimuli.”
Comment from a staff member at Gartnavel Royal Hospital

‘The Ripple effect: Towards researching improvisational music therapy in dementia care-homes.’

Dementia in the News : Scottish Daily Mail article 4th July 2014

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