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Find out how Music Therapy is changing the life of five-year-old Caitlin, in the words of her mum, Pauline.

Music Therapy has changed our lives in many ways. Firstly, Caitlin loves music and I feel that Music Therapy has encouraged her with vocalising more and singing the songs along with Claire, the therapist. The relaxed atmosphere has helped Caitlin as she suffers from anxiety in new situations but loves that this room is hers for the next 40 minutes to choose what she wants to play.

Caitlin has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy but her co-ordination has improved especially since she’s getting the opportunity to play the piano and the guitar. This gives me great pleasure as a parent to see my daughter getting so much pleasure from a hobby that one would have thought would not be possible when I was first told of her diagnosis.

Music Therapy has also helped with Caitlin’s social integration as I made the decision to take her to her first music festival during the summer, she loved it. I strongly believe what helped her settle with live music was her time spent at Music Therapy and how it can’t quite be controlled the way the music can on the radio. This was something I had wished for and never thought we could achieve so soon, spending a weekend at a music festival was good for our relationship too, life wasn’t just about appointments that weekend it was about having fun.

It’s therapy in a different way, Caitlin gets exercise when she’s dancing around the room, learning new songs, learning about new instruments and building on her relationships with others. The therapist Caitlin has had worked well to get to know her and has offered a very individual programme for her which is always good to see.

I think what sums it up for us is when we came to the end of a block I asked Caitlin if she would like to come back and she got all excited squealing and saying ‘yes’, this was definitely a happy moment for me to see.

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