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Following our successful pilot in the North East, we are now searching for suitable premises to open a music therapy clinic in Aberdeen.


Our first project in the city was run in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland at its Dementia Resource Centre and was  kindly funded by energy provider SSE. Continued support from SSE and continuing demand for music therapy means we can increase our service.

Mary Brown, executive director at Nordoff Robbins Scotland, said: “We have had a number of enquiries from people keen to access music therapy for their children so we are increasing the service to three days a week. We have appointed music therapist Jenny Hutton, to start providing music therapy in Aberdeen and the North-East in September.

Mary added: “We are now urgently looking for suitable premises in Aberdeen where we can set up a clinic for one-to-one sessions. The building would ideally be in the city centre with easy access and be on the ground floor.”

If you can help, please get in touch with Mary on 0141 237 4884 or email her.

Feedback from the pilot with Alzheimer Scotland:

John Welsh’s mum Grace had a series of strokes between 2011 and last year, leaving her with Aphasia and affecting her memory and sight. Grace, 80, attended the one-to-one music therapy sessions with Lizzie.

John said: “My mother learned to play piano during childhood and, in the course of her job as a nursery nurse school teacher, led musical activities with the children she taught. The sessions Lizzie holds allow my mother to continue to enjoy using the musical skills she developed throughout the course of her life. Without Lizzie’s help and promoting as a music therapy professional, my mother’s musical abilities would not be used.”

John said his mum, describes the sessions as “very enjoyable”.

He added: “The sessions stimulate my mother both mentally and physically, and help in keeping her active and engaged. I am extremely grateful for the time Lizzie spends working with my mother and we are certainly very keen to continue the weekly music therapy sessions.”

Lizzie has also been supporting 11 children aged 6-17 with a range of learning difficulties from Global Learning Delay to Autism, Down’s Syndrome and Cerebal Palsy at St Andrew’s Primary School in Inverurie in a project funded by the MacRobert Trust.




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